Ms. Sneha received her undergraduate degree (accounting) in India and subsequently earned her MS in Human Resources Management & Psychology from Golden Gate University, San Francisco. Ms.Sneha has become a well-recognized figure among local educational professionals, following five years of volunteer work with Dougherty Elementary School, service as a Board Member for their Site Council Team, after-school programs teaching, other after-school site involvements in San Jose, extensive participation & promotion of multicultural events either as a sponsor and/or a performer/ choreographer, and finally, as a teacher in a diverse array of summer camps. Ms. Sneha has also served for several years as a Team Manager of “Destination Imagination” student groups.

Ms. Sneha’s indomitable enthusiasm for interacting with and educating youngsters of all ages is only equaled by her passion for dance and artistic expression through dance forms. She is an extensively-trained, highly polished performer in multiple genres, and also an accomplished choreographer. Ms.Sheha works with many of the most well-known dance groups in the Bay Area. As such, she maintains an exciting annual schedule of dance events as a performer and makes a significant contribution to the sharing of heritage traditions and cultural art forms among the diverse peoples of the Bay Area. Ms.Sneha is actively involved in several non-profit organizations in the Bay Area and initiates an astounding level of fundraising activities, as does Ms. Deepti.

Ms. Sneha believes that children should have an opportunity to learn about, and then to actively explore the widest possible range of positive human experiences, and that a well-balanced educational plan should aspire to achieve more than academic growth; That great learning environments will also address children’s needs to develop physically, creatively, aesthetically, socially, and emotionally, hopefully in ways which will be inspiring and FUN for the children.

Ms. Deepti’s undergraduate degree (Liberal arts) and postgraduate diploma (interior design) were accomplished in Mumbai, India. After arriving in the USA, Ms. Deepti decided to pursue her life-long interest and passion for child care and education. She began her formal ECE training and soon after, jumped into the first of many volunteer services, with a Child Care Center in San Jose, CA. Convinced she’d found her true calling, Ms. Deepti founded her first proprietary venture, “Tulip Family Day Care”, eight years ago, which was an immediate success. This led her and her partner, Ms. Sneha, to embrace the challenge of a second venture, “Tulip After School”, which has also grown by leaps and bounds, due to their unwavering commitment to provide the highest level of quality family services, along with their talents for creating warmly nurturing, richly varied, challenging, but fun learning environments for children.

Meanwhile, Tulip Family Day Care, A.K.A. Tulip Kids has been perennially full to capacity, with a long waiting list, so the Directors purchased a larger facility in Sunnyvale, which is renovated to transform the site into their own custom-designed learning and child development center. “Tulip Kids Academy” opened in 2013.

Ms. Deepti, along with her Husband Naval, are raising their two sons and highly enjoying the process of watching their own children grow, learn, and changing incrementally into the amazing adult that each of their sons will become.

In 2008, Ms. Deepti was presented with an award from the Mayor, City of Sunnyvale, for her expertise, sound business practices, and a proven track record of outstanding local contributions in the field of “child care and development”. Ms. Deepti is currently a nominee for the “Presidential Citizen Medal”, which is the second highest civilian award which can be presented to an American citizen, created for the recognition of individuals who perform exemplary service in their community (or elsewhere) for the benefit of fellow humans.

Born in a PhD family to a scientist-lecturer-entrepreneur dad and teacher mom, Ms. Nandini was naturally inclined to love applied math & science when she was growing up. She took the competitive Joint Entrance Exam for engineering and was placed in the top 2% of about 100,000 aspiring students. She received her undergraduate degree (Metallurgical Engineering) from IIT, India. and subsequently she her Masters (Materials Engineering) from Purdue University. After working as a process engineer at TriQuint Semiconductors for 3 years, she obtained her Doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas.

The birth of her child kindled her interest in child psychology and education and she started attending talks from the School of Behavior and Brain Sciences at UTD. While working as an Application Engineer at KLA-Tencor, unhappy with the quality of STEAM education available for her child, she found herself holding STEAM sessions for preschool and Kindergarten kids at the library. These were quite the hit and motivated her to seek out Ms. Deepti to help her pursue her passion at Tulip Kids and CampX where she worked in various teaching and management roles for about 3 years. In parallel she also tutored middle and high school students for Math including calculus, Physics, Chemistry and Statistics through her contacts and as a contractor for a Palo Alto based company called Study Wizards. In addition, she joined Encorps, an organization committed to empowering STEM individuals to teach in high needs schools and started volunteering at Fremont High School for Digital Electronics followed by teaching a middle school Math classroom at DCP-El Primero Campus as a long-term substitute teacher.  

Ms. Nandini believes that children have an innate, natural curiosity to explore and comprehend the environment around them and believes that they should have an opportunity to perform this exploration in a FUN and supportive environment that permits them to feel comfortable to make mistakes. She strongly believes that the environment must have the right tools that provide them with the information and skills necessary to discover, innovate and appreciate the happiness that comes with challenging oneself and learning.

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