The Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math Institute

As Randy Pausch said “The best way to teach somebody something is to have them think they're learning something else. I’ve done it my whole career. And the head fake here is that they’re learning to program but they just think they’re making movies and video games.”

We use mini robots from KinderLab Robotics, Inc  to teach coding - check it out here

Check out our 3D printer from da Vinci here

How it all started


Deepti and Nandini were both frustrated, click here to learn more about them - here is how their conversation went...

Deepti: We have 6 centers and are opening more every day - why are we not opening a STEAM magnet afterschool? Isn't the difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary that little extra? Don't our kids deserve this? We need to step up and do our part for the STEAM revolution. We are successfully running STEAM workshops for preschool to middle school kids and STEAM summer camps are continuing to chug on but we need to do more.

Nandini: I have a PhD in engineering and several years of experience writing curriculum and teaching STEAM - I know how to make Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math interesting for kids - and open a world of technology to them. But despite my experience as an engineer and teacher, I am not sure I can run an afterschool center and handle the business aspects by myself without help.

As they both pondered deeply upon their respective situations in silence, they both had a simultaneous "Aha!" moment...Many hours and musings later, Nandini loved the name Steamtopia but her 4th grade son, Sid, liked STEAM Station, and of course, as always, our kid's creativity won the day (read "He got his way"). 

The Concept

After successfully offering STEAM workshops from preschool to middle school, we have evolved our own unique teaching philosophy and quirky curriculum. It is very hard to label exactly what takes place in that classroom but in general what we have is a mixture of mostly active learning, mostly hands-on learning , mostly project-based learning and mostly student-led inquiry based learning. Teaching is differentiated and takes into consideration each child's unique learning style and innate abilities and interests. 

Our curriculum arouses and directs a child's intrinsic curiosity and points the child towards a higher level of thinking. Using state of the art technology, our instructors expose our kids to the various nuances of scientific and technical thinking challenging them at every step to try new things and improve upon their personal best. Our instructors also set the tone for interactions equipping students with 21st century skills as well as exposing them to the essence of STEAM learning that remains unchanged and timeless. 

There is heavy focus on learning and performing as a team and gaining social and emotional skills to capitalize on their talents to shine within a team environment. There is however equally a focus on having students try new things - explore and innovate and manage themselves even in situations where they may fail in order to improve resilience and build character.

As you can see, it's all very complex and that's why we are very wary of boxing our concept within the confines of a few words.

On the road to Extraordinary...